What should I do if my FSA administrator deems an FSAstore.com purchase non-eligible?

Flexible Spending Account Claims

FSAstore.com was founded to make it easy for anyone with a Flexible Spending Account to shop for FSA eligible products. We guarantee that every product we sell at FSAstore.com is FSA eligible. Other than circumstances outside of our control, such as non-sufficient funds or a limited FSA that only covers specific expenses, we may be able to help provide you with supporting documentation for you to resubmit your claim or provide you with a full refund of your purchase.

If you had an FSA deadline ending on December 31, you may have an additional Run-Out Period ending today. Learn more about the Flexible Spending Account Run-Out.

FSA Eligible Expenses

FSAstore.com is a member of theSpecial Interest Group for IIAS standards (SIGIS), which was created to have a standard industry-wide solution for dealing with health benefit transaction processing according to IRS requirements. By working with SIGIS, we can ensure that every item is FSA eligible based on a list of IRS-approved items. What this also means is that when you use your FSA debit card at FSAstore.com, the purchase is “auto-substantiated” or automatically approved for your FSA – this gives you less of a hassle and less paperwork. However, you don’t need an FSA debit card to shop at FSAstore.com – you could easily submit a receipt to your FSA administrator for any purchase and get reimbursed.

How We Can Help

Sometimes a product purchase or claim gets denied by an FSA plan administrator. In these situations, we can provide supporting documents to have your claim reconsidered for reimbursement.

Our FSA experts are happy to assist you. Please send an email to info@fsastore.com explaining the situation and include your order number, the item(s) SKU number and the name of your FSA administrator. The products marked with a red checkmark on our site are 100% FSA eligible. The products marked with a blue Rx icon require a prescription for reimbursement. If you bought an Rx item and did not send a prescription to your FSA administrator dated before the time of your order, then that cannot be considered a properly filed claim.

If your FSA administrator won’t reimburse you, other than for reasons outside of our control such as non-sufficient funds or a limited FSA, we will issue a full refund on the specific product. Each FSA administrator provides specific guidelines as to the items that are covered with an FSA. FSAstore.com does not determine eligibility, but follows IRS requirements. Please consult your FSA administrator with questions if you are unsure whether something might be covered by your plan.

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