What’s the FSAstore.com Prescription Process?

During checkout, click on the prescription banner to complete the process. Customers simply need to provide their physician's name, address and phone number, and we' ll reach out directly for the info to complete your purchase.

You can purchase your OTC medicines and drugs at FSAStore.com in three easy steps:

  • 1. Add the items to your cart and during the checkout, click on the "OTC prescription" banner to complete the prescription process.
  • 2. Let us know which items you have a prescription for and how you'll be submitting said prescription.
  • 3. You can also send a manual claim to your FSA administrator and include the prescription with your reimbursement.

Even better is that these prescriptions can be written for the general OTC category (like "ibuprofen") which lets you to choose the brand or generic version you prefer. So, if you want Motrin instead of Advil, your prescription for ibuprofen will cover the need.

(As always, refer to your doctor to choose the OTC remedy that's best for your needs.)

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