When is my FSA plan deadline?

If you have a Flexible Spending Account, your plan has a yearly deadline by which you must use your FSA funds. Flexible Spending Account funds expire at the end of your plan year – unless the FSA has a 2 ½ month extension known as a grace period. Plan deadlines vary per employer and depend on when the FSA plan year started. For many Flexible Spending Account participants, their FSA ends on December 31.

You will need to contact your HR department to find out when the deadline is for your plan, especially if you aren’t sure. Your HR department will also know who your FSA plan administrator is. The FSA plan administrator handles your FSA. Many FSA plan administrators have websites through which you access your account information. You’ll be able to see your account balance, find claims details, and more. FSAstore.com does not know what the remaining balance in your account is, or have more information about your individual plan.

FSA tip: Check on your FSA frequently to keep track of remaining funds. Don't let your FSA funds expire at the end of plan year! We’ve partnered with more than 100 FSA Administrators and have an Administrator contact list with their customer service numbers.

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