Why Should I Use FSAstore.com?

FSAstore.com was created to make using a Flexible Spending Account as convenient and easy as possible for FSA holders. Our founder managed HR and FSA accounts in previous roles. He found there were many unanswered questions about these accounts.

Top 5 FSAstore.com solutions to help you manage and understand your FSA:

1. We only sell FSA eligible products. While these items are often also available at your local drugstore, our site reduces the confusion about eligibility because everything is clearly labeled. A red checkmark means the item is readily available; the blue Rx logo means the item requires a prescription for FSA reimbursement. At a drugstore it might be difficult to tell which items are eligible, and not all drugstores accept an FSA card to help process expenses for FSA reimbursement. Not to mention…by shopping online you avoid the hassle of traveling to the drugstore.

2. We give access to FSA eligible services through a searchable database of health care providers. Everything from psychiatrists to chiropractors to ophthalmologists and dentists! Did you know LASIK is an FSA eligible expense?

3. Our free tools help FSA holders better understand their plan:

  • An FSA Calculator helps estimate expenses during open enrollment.
  • An FSA Learning Center provides valuable information about the FSA plan.
  • An FSA Eligibility List lets you browse eligible products
  • An FSA Rx process lets you submit prescriptions and we can help process these for you
  • A new FSA tracker lets customers opt in for FSA deadline reminders to avoid forfeiting funds.

4. You can effectively save up to 40% at FSAstore.com by using your pre-tax money. Enjoy additional savings through our exclusive deals with the convenience of shopping from home!

5. We accept FSA debit cards and all major credit cards. FSA funds are automatically deducted from your FSA card, so you won't need to submit paperwork!

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