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Proper Eye Care Tips from FSA Store

Living Well
eye care

If you wear prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, you know that daily maintenance of these is important, but can also take time and effort. Proper eyesight and eye health are crucial to day-to-day tasks, and to ensuring you're going through the day in a pain-free way (having proper fit, clean lenses and comfortable support), too.

Eye Care tips with a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Your Flexible Spending Account can cover the cost of various eye care expenses, but you'll have to look up what's specifically covered.Wondering which eye care expenses a Flexible Spending Account covers? You can also search our Eligibility List to discover medical services and healthcare products.By using your FSA, you're saving on out-of-pocket expenses that you would use for

We've outlined a few tips for proper care of contact lenses, keeping eyeglasses clean, and even offering advice for reusing your old contact lens cases(though we relied on some fun tips from both 1800contacts and LifeHacker for these).

3 Tips for Eyeglass Care

1. Use a proper cloth. Whatever you do, don't use your t-shirt to clean your eyeglasses. It will contain dust particles that could scratch your lenses.

2. Wash eyeglasses each morning. Did you know you can also use soap and water to clean your eyeglasses, and then finish it off with a special cloth?

3. Avoid eye strain. Using a lighted magnifier can help you read small print without causing eye strain.

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6 Tipsto Keep your Contact Lenses Clean

Tip 1: Never reuse old solution. Rinse out the contact lens case every day and replace with new solution.

Tip 2: Keep the tip of the contact lens solution clean! It should never touch any surfaces - including another container, your lenses, or your lens case.

Tip 3: Only use contact lens solutions to rinse and disinfect. Tap water can carry eye irritants and, sometimes, bacteria. Only use FDA-approved solutions.

Tip 4: Clean hands = happy eyes. Make sure you wash and dry your hands before placing and removing your contact lenses from your eyes.

Tip 5: Listen to your eye doctor. Use only the solution your doctor recommends, and only wear the lenses for as long as you're instructed.

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But, have you ever considered reusing your contact lens cases?

6 Ways to (Re)Use your Contact Lens Case:

1. Pill Storage. You can safely and conveniently store your pills during travel.

2. Sunscreen Applicator. Prepare sunscreen for travel, and apply as necessary for daily sun protection.

3. Traveling? Buy travel-size contact lens solution instead of adding the solution directly to the contact lens case. This will avoid changing the solution's sterility.

4. Get creative. Re-use contact lens cases for fingerpaint projects or as an arts and crafts holder.

5. Store earbuds. Listen to your music on your phone, but hate how tangled the earbuds get? Contact lens cases can be easy storage containers.

6. Play a game. You can convert the contact lens case into game pieces for checkers, or even a simple math game for kids.

Many of the ideas for these contact lens reusetips wererecommendedby

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