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That's Eligible?! FSAs and drug-free pain management

Many Americans suffer from some form of chronic pain. While over-the-counter medication can provide relief, many people prefer a drug-free option to help manage their pain long term. As technology advances, more and more options are now available for people to find drug-free pain relief right in their own home.

Many of these treatments are eligible for FSA reimbursement, meaning you can put your tax-free dollars to work.

Hot and cold pack and wraps

Hot and cold therapy is a popular option for many different kinds of aches and pains because of their simplicity and effectiveness. Most of these can simply be heated in the microwave or left in the freezer to cool. These treatments can be used to treat a variety of ailments, from swelling and inflammation to injury relief and rehabilitation.

Athletic support tape

Brands like KT Tape allow for better muscle movement, providing support, and quickening the healing process. It's especially popular with athletes for pain relief, inflammation reduction, muscle relaxation, and injury recovery.

Many people choose to wear KT Tape during sporting events for the added muscle support and pain prevention. It is also used to help increase lymphatic drainage and improve blood flow. Because of its many benefits, KT Tape is popular with people for prevention and pain relief.

TENS units

TENS units work by using stimulating pulses to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. These units send electrical impulses to the muscles and stimulate your nerves, which works to confuse pain signals received by your brain. They also help stimulate the production of endorphins, which are a natural pain reliever. For people with chronic pain, endorphins help to eliminate the discomfort and can even work as a mood booster.

Acupressure mats

Acupressure mats are a simple and drug-free method of pain relief. All you need to do is make contact with the mat to relieve pain and tension. Most people close to either stand or lie down on them which allows the spikes on the mat to put pressure on your acu-points and relieve pain.

Additionally, acupuncture is an extremely popular form of drug-free pain management. While you can't do it yourself in your own home like the other options on this list, many people find the trip to the specialist to be well worth their while. If using your FSA, make sure to ask your administrator if they'll require any specific type of documentation, such as a Letter of Medical Necessity, to allow the expense.

Supports and braces

Supports and braces are a popular option for people who are experiencing joint pain or to assist with rehabilitation after an injury. Some athletes also use them to prevent injuries while playing sports. Braces come in many shapes and sizes to fit different joints and provide different levels of support.

Get the drug-free pain relief you need!

Kanjō Travel Acupressure Set

A simple yet effective at-home and on-the-go solution for neck, back and foot pain.

Caring Mill Travel Heating Pad



Don't waste time hunting for ways to spend your tax-free funds. In That's Eligible?!, we'll bring you these updates every Monday, so you don't have to. And for all things flex spending, be sure to check out the rest of our Learning Center, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


That's Eligible?! What an athlete wishes she knew about FSA-eligibility

I'm Allie. I'm a semi-pro soccer player (Ha! Well, no, but dreams right?). I (my parents) have spent a ton of out-of-pocket money on my medical needs...but now I save big with my tax-free FSA funds. If only I knew then what I know now.

Let me back-up, here's the story.

I've played soccer for 13+ years. That's 13 years of sprained ankles, sore muscles, and many athletic trainer sessions. However, the health issues spiked my senior year of high school. I was in the middle of a game when another player and I collided at the hip (yeah, it was shattered and bruised). I was immediately on the ground and couldn't move.

I spent out-of-pocket money on…

  • Multiple chiropractor visits a week.
  • At least a ton (literally a ton) of ice packs.
  • And the medical bills were piling up.

Being one of four children, my parents weren't thrilled with the expenses.

I still play, and still have to go to the chiropractor, and ice my hips, and seem to have heating pads forever glued to me.

This summer I started working for I learned that a chiropractor visit is FSA-eligible, the store is stocked with every kind of ice packs you could imagine, and shopping with your FSA takes the stress away from paying your medical bills.

"Where was all of this four years ago" I wondered to myself.

Now, I inform my parents of all the things that are eligible and also apologize for the many (many, many, many) medical bills I racked up.

Okay Allie, what's the point?

There are so many things (like everyday health essentials) that we buy everyday and have no idea that they are eligible! Chiropractors are my favorite eligible expense, but we also have thousands of products and services that are eligible.

Here's some of my favorite that I wished I knew were eligible when I was recovering.

  • Heating pads: Hello, best product ever. Because you can't just sit comfortably in front of the heater.
  • TENS units: It's like a mini super-power pack. You put it on and all the pain melts away.
  • Ice packs: We even have ones shaped like pancakes, so like instant buy.

So, that's just my story. I'm calling all those pro athletes, the moms of four football players, and even the dads who train for marathons, check out our Eligibility List for more on what other health essentials you could be saving on!


Don't waste time hunting for ways to spend your tax-free funds. In That's Eligible?!, we'll bring you these updates every Monday, so you don't have to. And for all things flex spending, be sure to check out the rest of our Learning Center, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Living Well

[WATCH] "That Extra Mile"

Have a new fitness resolution? You're not alone. And your FSA is right here to help you keep the resolution throughout 2019, thanks to a wide selection of eligible support and pain relief products.

Fuel your resolution with your FSA, so you don't even blink at going the extra mile for your health. Whether you're looking to get back to the gym, or just getting back to your backyard, FSA-eligible products can help you prevent and treat injuries, and help you manage your workout regimen free from pain.

Get relief for your body (and your wallet) with FSA-eligible braces and elastic support items, alongside everything you need for athletic and non-sports injuries, support belts and more.

Living Well

5 drug-free options for all-natural pain relief

According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, more than 100 million Americans contend with some form of chronic pain, but thankfully, developments in drug-free pain relief have evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years to deliver targeted therapy in the comfort of your own home. Best of all, many of these products can be covered by flexible spending account (FSA) funds! Here are a few options that could be a solution for acute and chronic pain issues.

  1. TENS Machine

One of the most popular at-home pain relief therapies is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, also known as a TENS machine, which gives users the ability to apply electrotherapy to sore muscles and joints to alleviate acute and chronic pain. While some studies have shown that electricity can block the transmission of pain signals through the nerves, others have shown that electrotherapy can promote the release of endorphins, a form of natural pain reliever that can reduce instances of pain in a variety of situations, according to Medscape.

  1. Multi-Pulse TENS Machine

For those who need targeted pain relief therapy for multiple trouble spots, TENS machines are available with multiple electrodes to affect different areas of the body with varying levels of pulse energy. This is a great option for those who have multiple joint or muscle ailments, or for a more comprehensive therapy session on a particular area.

  1. Quell Wearable Pain Relief

For some individuals, daily pain management can't wait until they come home and apply therapy to their trouble spots. For those who need an all-day solution to combat pain, the Quell Wearable Pain Relief device is the perfect drug-free solution! This device is worn on the upper calf and fits comfortably all day long to stimulate sensory nerves. It is ideal for people with nerve pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, arthritic pain and other forms of chronic pain. Quell even features Bluetooth compatibility and a smartphone app to make it easy to monitor pain therapy, sleep quality, and customize device operation.

  1. Acupressure Mats

If you or a loved one suffers from neck or back pain, acupressure mats are a fantastic drug-free pain relief method that is perfect for at-home therapy. Acupressure targets specific pressure points in the neck and back to alleviate pain related to fibromyalgia, sciatica, nerve pain, back/neck/shoulder pain, headaches and migraines.

  1. Hot/Cold Packs

Last but not least, your FSA covers an impressive range of cold and heat therapy products, which are perfect for major and minor injuries that pop up over the course of the year. The Mayo Clinic reports that cold therapy is ideal for pain relief and inflammation from joint sprains and muscle pulls, while heat therapy is effective in opening blood vessels to increase circulation and aid the healing process.

For everything you need to stay healthy year-round, rely on! We have more than 4,000 FSA-eligible products to help you maximize the potential of your healthcare benefits.

TENS Machine

Get pain relief through your skin by to help manage pain naturally.