Podcast-Eligible: The 2019 FSA Deadline Countdown

Sean and Brad are back to dive deeper into the 2019 FSA Deadline, bringing some handy spending tips and recommendations, no matter the size of your remaining balance. It's a fun episode, offering holiday wishes and FSA deadline know-how, so you can go into 2020 with a zero balance and a plan for the year to come.

They also dive into FSA Store's Know Your Balance Challenge, where you can enter your info to potentially win one of three $880 prizes, to throw the New Year's Eve party of your dreams!

(If you want more ideas, head over to our shop, to find 4,000+ guaranteed-eligible health care items, with something for any budget...)


Brad and Sean's Product Picks of the Month

Vibrathotics Premium Vibrating Insoles

Amazing (and amazingly quiet) vibration therapy you can wear everyday. We all get achy feet from time to time, and that's when vibration therapy can help.

MedAngel ONE Wireless Thermometer

The perfect companion for your medications. The Bluetooth thermometer is easy-to-use, compact, and connects to your smartphone


Podcast-Eligible: New Host, New Open Enrollment Strategies

We're finally back - and with a new co-host! Sean and his new partner Brad tackle what to look out for this open enrollment season and what all FSA/HSA users should know before they contribute this season! We also have a sit down with personal finance writer Zina Kumok, who provides firsthand tips for HSA users.

Also, we add a roundup of our favorite product picks and the usual banter you've come to expect from Podcast Eligible.

This episode's product picks

Caring Mill Back to School Bundle

This set offers great products that can be used daily for any household or family.


PainCakes Wrap Stickable Cold Pack

Fast, cooling relief from pain and discomfort, in one easy to use application.



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Podcast-Eligible: Our Co-Host on What He Gets (And What He STILL Doesn’t Get) About FSAs

Kevin is moving to the Pacific Northwest so this is his last episode! To commemorate his time at FSA Store, here's recapping what he learned about FSAs and HSAs before and AFTER joining the company, as well as what he thinks could be done better to benefit and educate regular consumers.

If you want to know what prompted this discussion, check out Kevin's article on spreading the word about FSAs!

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Podcast-Eligible: Deadline Bling

The 12/31 deadline is approaching, and if you have an FSA through your employer (and don't have the 2.5 month grace period or $500 rollover), there's a good chance your FSA deadline is coming in the next few weeks! As always, please check with your HR department for the specific end date of your plan year!

In this episode, we recap some of our favorite FSA-eligible products of the year, and help you shop based on how much you have left in your account. (Don't worry about taking notes - we'll provide links to all of our favorite products below the podcast link.)


On average, about $30 is forfeited each year by individual FSAs. This might not seem like a lot, but it adds up to millions of unspent dollars annually across the country. Since it's your money, check out the show to see how Kevin and Sean can help you avoid deadline oversights.

$50 and below


$200 and above

If you have FSA money to spend before 12/31, come visit us! We'll accept orders with your FSA card until midnight PST - no other retailer can say that. Happy deadline season and we'll see you in the new year!


Podcast-Eligible: At Your Services!

The 12/31 FSA deadline is coming for most people. Wow, that sounds threatening. But if you have an end-of-calendar-year deadline, you'll lose your FSA money if you don't use it. In this episode, we discuss some medical services you could possibly use them on.

And if you still find yourself with some remaining funds to use before the end of the year, check out some of these resources from our Learning Center:

Living Well

Podcast-Eligible: It's All Fall and Games Until the F-L-U

Welcome to the Episode 4 of Podcast: Eligible! This month, we're going into detail about how you can use your FSA and HSA dollars to keep the flu at bay, and help you make it through the worst of your symptoms.

We also have a few personal stories that may just spur you to take action for your health ... or at least convince you to never ride the subway ever again. Don't miss it!

And for more information about the flu and your FSA, check out these articles from our Learning Center:


Podcast-Eligible: The Open Enrollment Spectacular

Welcome to the third episode of Podcast-Eligible! This month, we're diving into open enrollment to help you make an informed decision when it's time to elect your benefits this fall. Be sure to hang around to the end - we have a special promo code to help you save on your favorite FSA- and HSA-eligible products!

Our podcast is always fact-checked by our compliance director, and she had a few comments we wanted to make clear to our listeners!

  • Withdrawals from an HSA are still subject to income tax after age 65 for non-medical expenses. (But the 20% tax penalty is waived.)
  • Our Eligibility Question of the Month was FSA-specific this month, but we should note that HSAs can pay for expenses incurred during a prior year as long as the account was open.
  • Some benefits administrators MAY require a new prescription each year, but typically this is not as common.

Also, we mentioned a lot of links in this episode. Here they are:

Thanks for listening and we'll see you next month!