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Top 10 eligible items when you have less than $50 remaining in your FSA


You did it! Thanks to your careful planning and preparation, you only have a few FSA dollars left to spend before your deadline. But you didn't come this far to let those last few bucks go to waste!

If you have $50 or less to spend in your FSA before your deadline, don't settle for paying out-of-pocket for products you use everyday. Use those last few flex dollars to boost your health the coming year. Here are our 10 low-priced options to spend down before the deadline.

IMAK HappiNeck Orthopedic Neck Support

If you suffer from head and neck pain while sleeping, traveling, driving or other activities, an orthopedic neck support is a smart choice for your remaining FSA dollars. These supports can be used alone or with a standard pillow and are compact enough to fit in any carry-on bag for your next trip.

Bull Frog Mosquito Coast Continuous Spray SPF30

Sunscreen is FSA-eligible if it has broad spectrum protection against UVA/UVB rays and is SPF 15 or above, but Bull Frog goes one step further to provide DEET-free protection against mosquitoes and other bothersome insects. It's the perfect way to ward off insects at the campsite or wherever you're enjoying the great outdoors.

BAND-AID® Adhesive Bandages Variety Pack, 120 Count

There's a near certainty that a cut or scrape will happen in the near future, so make sure your home is well-stocked with bandages for the job! This Band-Aid variety pack has styles to suit any need, from waterproof to sport strips to flexible fabric to handle life's everyday mishaps.

Flents Wipe 'N Clear Pre-moistened XL Lens Wipes, 100 ea

Eyeglass accessories are FSA-eligible, and these lens wipes are a popular choice around our office, used for cleaning all types of eyewear. Lifts off grease, dust and lint quickly and conveniently without scratching, with an anti-static formulation that reduces build up of dust and lint. Plus, the anti-fog formulation repels moisture.

Each is individually wrapped and can easily fit into a purse or backpack for quick and easy eyewear cleaning on the go.

Caring Mill Icy Gel Cold Pack - Medium 11" x 6"

Every home needs an ice pack to help treat injuries and fight inflammation, so if you have FSA funds to spend, get the cold therapy you need and give to a great cause with Caring Mill! This is our own line of FSA-eligible health products, and a portion of the proceeds for each product sold will go to support the Children's Health Fund. It's a win-win for your FSA dollars!

Caring Mill Instant Ear Thermometer

While we're on the subject of Caring Mill, if you are in need of a new thermometer, our Caring Mill device is one of the best deals around. The Caring Mill Instant Ear Thermometer features 1 second readings, stores the last 20 readings for easy tracking and is reliable for ear, body, skin and ambient temperature readings.

Boogie Wipes Natural Saline, 90 ct, Fresh Scent

When you have a cold or the flu, there's nothing worse than experiencing skin irritation from excessive tissue use. But you can avoid that with Boogie Wipes! These wipes are perfect for noses big and small, and contain natural saline, vitamin E and aloe to soothe sensitive skin.

Coola Beauty & The Beach Mineral Liplux Trio SPF 30

Lip balm follows the same sun care requirements as sunscreen to be FSA-eligible (broad spectrum and SPF 15+), but the most popular with our customers this year is this great bundle that combines SPF 30 protection AND a hint of color for your lips. In addition to great sun protection, these lip balms use organic Cupuacu Butter and Mongongo Oil to nourish the underlying skin layers.

Bausch and Lomb Biotrue Multi Purpose Solution, 10 oz (Pack of 2)

Do you wear contacts? If so, it is a near certainty that you are going to need contact lens solution again in the future. This all-purpose solution is ideal for lubricating and cleaning lenses for healthy everyday use.

ThermaCare Air-Activated Heatwraps, Menstrual Cramp Relief

The customers have spoken. These heatwraps were one of our biggest sellers in 2018 and provide up to eight hours of soothing, lasting relief. Each box contains three single-use wraps to provide relief from minor menstrual cramp pain and associated back aches.

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