reVive™ Acne Light Therapy System
reVive™ Acne Light Therapy System

reVive™ Acne Light Therapy System

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reVive Acne Light Therapy™ Handheld System

Deliver non-UV light spectrum that targets and destroys bacteria residing within skin. Support the reduction of Acne flare ups and other bacteria related skin ailments.

  • Super easy-to-use, painless system targets stubborn, acne-causing bacteria to provide a clearer, smoother and more radiant complexion, without unwanted side effects
  • Powerful blue light therapy penetrates into the skin's deeper layers without harming the surface
  • System's 60-415nm blue LEDs are all natural, safe with no harmful UV rays and no harsh, irritating chemicals
  • reVive Light Therapy™ comes with a handy travel bag, has a detachable cord and includes safety goggles
  • Plugs directly into an AC outlet, so no need to ever charge
  • UL listed
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty