The Doctor's NightGuard Advanced Comfort Dental Protector - 1ct

SKU# 5795

The Doctor's NightGuard Advanced Comfort Dental Protector - 1ct

SKU# 5795
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The Doctor's NightGuard Advanced Comfort Dental Protector - 1ct
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Does your dentist say you are grinding your teeth? Reach for The Doctor’s NightGuard Advanced Comfort Dental Protector to prevent against nighttime grinding. The patented two-layer design will protect your teeth and is customizable for a comfortable fit that allows for a great night's sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed, no more aching jaw!

  • Soft, upper layer to absorb and cushion
  • Firm lower layer prevents grinding and bite-through
  • Not bulky
  • Flexible and secure for comfort and peace of mind
  • Contains one dental protector and case

Two Steps to a More Comfortable Fit

  1. Soften in hot water
  2. Bite down and shape to your mouth

Complete fitting instructions are inside this package. There is a toll-free number to call for extra help.

Do not use:

  • If you are under 18 years of age.
  • If you wear braces, dentures, or other dental products.
  • If you can wiggle any of your teeth.
  • If your dentist told you that you have TMJ.
  • If you have any tooth or jaw pain, or pain with brushing or tooth grinding.
  • As an athletic mouth guard (Product does not absorb shock).
  • For more than three months without consulting your dentist.

Ask a dentist before use if you have:

  • Loose fillings, loose caps, or cavities with no fillings.
  • Clicking of your jaw, jaw pain, teeth pain, face pain, or have a hard time chewing.
  • Two or more missing teeth.
  • Mouth sores, gum disease or bleeding gums.
  • Serious breathing, respiratory, or other health problems.

When using this product see your dentist every six months. Stop use and ask a dentist if:

  • Your same symptoms last even after several weeks of use.
  • The product easily falls out of your mouth.
  • The product causes you to gag or feels uncomfortable.
  • You have bleeding gums, soreness, or other reaction inside your mouth.
  • You notice new symptoms (jaw pain, teeth pain, ear pain, headache, neck stiffness, or joint clicking) because of the product.
  • You have loose teeth or a change in your bite that lasts more than a few minutes after taking product out.

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