ZenToes Double Loop Toe Separator for Bunion Pain Relief - 4 Pack

SKU# 27414m

ZenToes Double Loop Toe Separator for Bunion Pain Relief - 4 Pack

SKU# 27414m
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ZenToes Double Loop Toe Separator for Bunion Pain Relief - 4 Pack
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Stop the rub for good - Toe separators keep your toes spread, correcting the crowding that causes toes to rub; Also an effective form of bunion pain relief that acts as a bunion corrector to promote proper toe alignment

Latex free and oh so comfortable - Gel toe separators conform to your feet for a perfect fit for nearly all foot sizes; The toe straightener fits inside of most shoes for discreet toe pain and bunion relief

No slip fit - Unlike other toe spreaders and bunion pads, ours won't slide out of place and require frequent adjustments due to their securely fitting double loop design not offered by other toe straighteners

Money saving set - Get two full toe straightener sets for a total of 4 pieces! Each bunion toe straightener is washable and reusable, making this set a great deal.

Ouch! Crowded toes can lead to serious discomfort. When your toes are bunched in due to their natural shape, you can experience cramps, aches and pains. On top of the toe pain, there is all that rubbing that takes place, leaving you with foot corns and blisters.

There are many ways that you could try and ease toe pain and keep your toes feeling great. Want to buy boring orthopedic shoes? Undergo bunion surgery that leaves you off your feet while you recover? No thanks!

There really hasn't been a great way to deal with problems due to toe alignment and bunions before, but ZenToes is here to change that with our Gel Toe Separators.

ZenToes Toe Separators really work to alleviate toe pain, provide bunion relief and reduce the risk of blisters, calluses and foot corns forming. When you slip the toe spreaders on, the flexible silicone gel material keeps the big toe from drifting toward the second toe. The gel is flexible enough to conform to your foot to ensure your full comfort, even if you wear your toe straighteners all day long.

With ZenToes Gel Toe Separators, you'll never have to worry about self-adhesive pads coming loose or toe rings slipping off. The double loop design of our toe straightener keeps it in place until you take it off.

Our toe separator and bunion toe straightener is sold in a double set pack, giving you a total of four bunion stretcher toe spacers that you can wash and reuse again and again. When you choose ZenToes, you'll get a total of four premium quality bunion corrector toe separators for less than the per item cost of two products elsewhere.

Get on the path to a life without toe pain, blisters, calluses and foot corns with the toe spacers that really work. Choose a bunions treatment solution that offers bunion pain relief without invasive surgery. Order the ZenToes Gel Toe Separators today!

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