Fall baby care tips with your FSA

While fall is a great time to spend indoors and outdoors, there are some specific illnesses that target baby immune systems. So, how can you prepare for the fall? Use your FSA and keep your entire family healthy along the way.

Prepare for Colder Weather

Babies can be prone to different health problems depending on cooler temperatures. Make sure to adequately prepare your house and your family while leaving home, especially on those chillier autumn days.

Prevent the flu

Use your Flexible Spending Account to get a flu shot. They're covered! You can also buy Cold & Allergy products with your FSA, whether you're dealing with fall allergies, a cold, or flu-like symptoms.

Check out the TheraPearl Hot/Cold Eye Pack for sinus pressure relief

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Does your baby or older child have a fever?

Thermometers are covered by your Flexible Spending Account (FSA). It's easy to monitor their fevers with a wide variety of thermometers.

Keep kids comfy while they're sick

Another fun item to keep kids comfy while they're feeling sick is a Thermal-Aid Zoo Animal. These 100% natural cotton items can be used for both hot and cold therapy and treat fevers, earaches, flu symptoms, sprains, headaches and more.

Keep kids healthy during school

Have a little one in school? Make sure you treat minor injuries or cold/flu-like symptoms as quickly as possible to ensure they stay healthy during the year.

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Additional items covered by your FSA for Baby and Young Children:

  1. Nasal aspirators & saline solution. Nasal aspirators or saline solution can be a great way to treat a cold and provide some relief. However, if you think your baby has closer to flu-like symptoms, be sure to contact your doctor.
  2. If you need administer medications to baby, you can use special medicators that provide medications in a pain-free way.
  3. Breast Pumps & Accessories (storage bags, nipple shields, etc.).
  4. Baby sunscreen (SPF 15+). Use baby sunscreen year-round to keep your baby's sensitive skin protected from the elements.
  5. Items containing active medical ingredients including baby aspirin, chest rubs or diaper rash cream are covered but require a prescription for FSA reimbursement.
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